Ken Yasuda is a true samurai warrior of the 21st century. His strong mentality has led him to become an international leader by overcoming the cultural and language barriers. As an actor and celebrity athlete, he is well-recognized in the industries of bodybuilding, pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA). Gaining popularity as The Samurai Warrior on American Muscle on ESPN2 worldwide helped him reach where most pro bodybuilders have never reached, with the exception of a few like the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ken grew out of pro bodybuilding and excelled in numerous TV shows and films such as IFL’s Battleground on Mynetwork TV, Just Another Romantic Pro-Wrestling Comedy etc. In the IFL (a MMA fight league), he was definitely a popular headcoach on Mynetwork TV, who led The Sabres to go undefeated in the season of 2007. In the same year, a DVD of the wrestling film, in which he co-starred in, was released.

Ken is one of the rare kind of bodybuilding champions. He is Mr. Japan Champion and the largest pro-bodybuilder ever in Asia. He is a consistent world top 10 finisher in natural pro-bodybuilding known as the most symmetrical man. His multi-talent and success in sports, business and arts led him to release 11 workout videos and 1 biography book. His hit “talk show” series in Ironman Magazine Japan was amazingly successful for 4 years, and currently he is a regular columnist for Ultimate Grappling Magazine and Masters Magazine in the US. He has also held over 60 seminars around the world and his popular goods have been sold in the market in Japan. As his legendary status grew in the sport, two documentaries (The Samurai Standing, Gate of Pro-Wrestling Ken Yasuda) were made about Ken, and began to appear on TV shows internationally. His recent appearances on TV were on the IFL’s Battlegound on MynetworkTV, Best Damn Sports Show, NBC Morning News in PA, NBC Sports News in WA, etc.

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“He is not only muscular and fit, but very intelligent with a great persona.”

Tak Wada
Film/TV Director

“Mr. Ken Yasuda, my advisor in strength-training and cultural and social aspects of America, is himself a true athlete, good businessman, and great public figure.”

Ichiro Suzuki
Seattle Mariners (MLB)


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